Meet Our Team
Dr Angus Martin
  • BVSc

Dr Angus graduated from Sydney University in 1984. He worked for 5 years at Ku-ring-gai Vet Hospital then at several different hospitals as a locum before purchasing Hornsby Veterinary Hospital in 1992. Angus has a great love for animals, people and life. He loves spending as much time with his family snow skiing, surfing, playing golf and tennis. He loves mountain bike riding and plays cricket for the NSW Cricketers Club. He would like to have more time to draw and paint and loves framing bits and pieces of memorabilia that he picks up around the place on his many shopping sprees.

In the Veterinary field Angus enjoys all types of soft tissue and orthopaedic surgery. He is interested in reproduction and dermatology.

Angus also loves the company of his three canine companions, Kali (Schnauzer x Labrador), Levi (Schnauzer x) and Sherbie (Terrier x). Angus is also very interested in the benefits of acupuncture having studied Acupuncture for animals at Wesley University in Victoria over 10 years ago. He saw his old dog Freeway at 15 years old go from not being able to jump onto the lounge any longer, to then being able to jump happily after a course of acupuncture.

Dr Penny Mead
  • BVSc (Hons)

Dr Penny started at Hornsby Veterinary Hospital in 1994 after graduating with Honours from Sydney University in 1993. Hornsby Vet was a one person Vet Hospital before Penny started and she has seen the practice grow and change enormously.

Penny was the little girl who grew up always wanting to be a Vet. She started studying Speech Pathology and changed to Veterinary Science working as a Veterinary Nurse throughout her studies. Penny is enormously dedicated to her passion of looking after all pets and clients to the absolute best of her ability.

Penny has two Border Terriers called Callum and Jerry. She enjoys and is very active in agility training having won many accolades.

Penny loves Veterinary Science and the never ending advances she has seen while she has been a vet.

Dr I-Yu Waung
  • BVSc (Hons)

After graduating from Sydney University in 1993, Dr I-yu worked in practices in southwest Sydney before joining Hornsby Vet Hospital in 1996. She was born in Hong Kong and migrated to Sydney with her family when she was 9 years old. In Hong Kong she lived in an apartment and the only pets she was allowed were silkworms (which were pretty short-lived!), quails and budgies. She longed for a dog so when told her and her family were moving to Australia, she, with all the confidence of a 9 year old, stipulated that she would only move if she was allowed to have a dog in the new home. She arrived in Sydney in July and her first Australian Christmas present was Pickle the Golden Retriever (she's not being biased but she will always have a soft spot for this breed). Sally the retired Guide dog became her second pet, and now she has tropical freshwater fish - probably some of the easiest pets to look after!

On her days off, I-yu likes to go bushwalking, taking in distant views and enjoying the "quiet" of the bush. She feels most refreshed after a day spent away from the noises and crowds of the city. Her name "I-yu" is a phonetic translation of her Chinese name, meaning "lively and happy" - which she tries and stay true to her name most of the time!

Dr Jenni Taylor
  • BVSc

Dr Jenni has been working at Hornsby Vet Hospital for years, after volunteering at the clinic whilst in primary school! In 2014 she qualified as a Veterinarian after studying at the University of Sydney, and is continuing to work with us.

Jenni has a menagerie of two rabbits, a Schnauzer named Otto, one elderly ex-stray Kelpie X named Frank, a cat named Stripes and a horse called Bobby.

Dr Jill McAlister
  • BVSc

Dr Jill graduated from Sydney University in 1981 and started work in small animal practice at St George Animal Hospital in Carlton. She then worked at Forest Animal Hospital for a couple of years before leaving to start a family.

Since then Jill has worked part time at several small animal clinics but mostly here at Hornsby Vet Hospital. In fact, she has the dubious honour of having been here the longest - even longer than Angus!!

At home Jill is kept busy by her husband, three children, their two very lively spoilt cattle X dogs named Spike and Dave, and a pet rat called Tippy that they had rescued.

Jenny Smith
Practice Manager

Hornsby Veterinary Hospital is an enormous part of my life. I love our staff, clients and their pets and I try to put into place procedures to make sure everyone has the best experience they can when they come to Hornsby Vet Hospital.

Angus and I took over the hospital from Dr Harry Bruhl in 1992. Some of you might remember the old fibro cottage that we demolished and built Hornsby Vet Hospital as it stands today. I spent a long time drawing plans, and then getting built a hospital that I believe has continued to see us into the future. We are proud of what we have created and hope that Hornsby Vet Hospital will continue always. We are open and love to get any ideas that you might have.

As well as Hornsby Vet Hospital, I love my 2 kids and their partners, my family is a big part of my life as are my friends from school, the kids school, golf and tennis. My dogs are also a huge part of my life. Kallie, as a lot of you have heard is a very busy and needs a lot of attention.

Angus and I also love travelling and exploring new and old places. We love cycling, skiing and have been on many trips. We hope to go on many more.

It is hard to fit everything in but having such a wonderful staff and feeling comfortable leaving our clients in their very good hands makes it possible.


Karin has been one of our receptionist for 11 years. She comes from a farming background having had a commercial egg farm for 20 years and running a few cattle on the side. Other small ventures were worm farming , shipping thousands all over the country to gardeners and other growers and milking her own goats for the family supply.

She loves being at the front desk greeting all the pets and  their wonderful owners.


Profile coming soon...

Nikki H
Vet Nurse

Nikki started at Hornsby Vet Hospital in 2001 after finishing her Veterinary Nurse Certificate. To anyone who has met Nikki it is very evident how much she loves all animals. This is no more obvious at home where her husband and 3 children help her look after an ever increasing menagerie: 7 cats, Twiggy, Sticky, Popsy, Mitzi , Furrari, Possum and Minki, 2 dogs, BJ, Benji and Annie, and 3 chooks.

At work Nikki is constantly trying to find new homes for a never ending source of strays. Nikki loves her job, in particular helping all the pets and their owners.

Vet Nurse

Danai has completed an Animal and Vet Bioscience Degree at the University of Sydney. She has two very spoilt pet rabbits at home, both of whom were rescues from Hornsby Vet.

Vet Nurse

As a young girl Rochelle has always dreamed of becoming a Veterinary Nurse and working with animals. During the school holidays she would help her grandparents on their property with their cattle, Himalayan Persians and chickens. Rochelle's very first pet was a red Cattle Dog named OJ who she loves and misses him very much. She is now a fur-sister to Bella the Cavoodle and a fur-mum to Aria and Cooper the Cavaliers.

In 2014 Rochelle completed her Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing and has loved every challenging and joyful step of the way.

Vet Nurse

Maddi joined the Hornsby Vet Hospital team in her first year of veterinary study at Sydney University. Before this, she completed a Bachelor’s Degree in Biology and went on to study veterinary nursing at TAFE, during which time she built up her nursing skills at several veterinary clinics.

Maddi grew up in Europe, and lived for many years in an alpine town surrounded by fields of dairy cattle. Unsurprisingly, Maddi’s major veterinary interests lie in ruminant disease and reproduction, and she loves all working dog breeds. Maddi is also a reptile enthusiast and cares for injured and sick reptiles through WIRES. Her favourite reptile and house mate is her pet Maxwell, a 1kg shingleback skink who enjoys free-roam of her apartment.  Due to graduate as a fully-fledged Vet in 2019, Maddi is especially looking forward to the surgical side of veterinary practice. 

Vet Nurse

Profile coming soon...

Vet Nurse

Profile coming soon...


Kathryn is Hornsby Vet Hospital's resident groomer, grooming for our patients on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. She has been at Hornsby since July 2014, comes with years of grooming experience and is a favourite with our grooming clients!

Kathryn has (and grooms) two standard poodles, a husky and a beagle.